Welcome to SBS University!


We are very glad you are here!

SBS University delivers basic and expert training on all aspects of your Snap-on parts catalog. If you use EPC 5 or are considering becoming an EPC 5 customer, SBS University delivers the training content you need to get the most out of your Snap-on product.

If you choose to access SBS University as a Guest learner, you will receive basic training that will help you use your Snap-on catalog quickly and efficiently. If you become a Registered Learner,  you will gain access to training content designed specifically for the vehicles or equipment you service. Registered learners also get an early look at EPC 5 enhancements, often before they are released to production.

We are glad you are here and promise to do everything we can to enhance your EPC 5 catalog experience.

Your Snap-on Team